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In my very first post, I mentioned that we are remodeling a family home from the 1920's.  It is part of an old mill village, and was, quite obviously, built to last.  Every piece of wood in the house (floors, trim, siding, etc.) was custom cut on site specifically for the houses in the mill village.  These houses are completely unique on their own, but my own family history there makes it even better.  The house belonged to my great-grandmother and great-grandfather, and my grandpa was actually born in one of the bedrooms.  After my great-grandmother died, it was used as a storage house by my family.  While cleaning it out, we've found so many little treasures... like the letter my grandpa wrote to my great-grandparents when he left to join the navy...and the whiskey bottle my great grandpa kept hidden in the beams of the basement... and one of the original skeleton keys that still works in the original locks within the house. I plan on putting these little trinkets on display once the renovations are complete.

So, now that you have a little backstory, we'll get to the point... these incredible vintage textiles that were in the house!

The blue sailboats, the condiments, and the bright aztec prints are all vintage tablecloths.  The toucans and the brown flower prints are vintage sheets.  They are all in great condition.

... and they all look so fun lined up together!  I'm trying to decide what to do with them.... I think the brown flower print is going to end up as a dress for the little baby girl on the way... probably the blue sailboats, too.  I just love the idea of her wearing something that belonged to my great-grandmother (completely reformed, that is), and I think my great-grandmother would approve as well.

I also found these gorgeous lace doilies that were hand crocheted by my great-grandmother.

That pink one is going to end up in baby girl's nursery... although I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with it yet.  I was considering framing it and including it in the frame collage on one wall.... we'll see.  For now they are fun to look at!

I'll be sharing more of my re-discovered treasures in later posts.

p.s. Happy Monday!

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