the "accidental" baby

No pictures or fun projects to share today (although, if you come back tomorrow I'll be posting a few fun little projects I've completed for baby girl and a quick tutorial)... just going to be real for a minute.

Someone recently made a comment to me about my baby being an "accident" and that I "should have been more careful", and it's stuck with me since then.  Now, I know some people have very strong opinions about babies that are born outside of marriage... and admittedly, at one time in my life, I was just as judgemental of another as this woman was of me, but my heart has dramatically changed.

To "accident lady":
Our sweet little girl was NOT an accident.  Although her daddy and I did not plan her little life, her maker did.  Although my plan for my own life did not even involve children of my own, God's plan for my life did.  There are so many terrible things going on in this world, in my own world even, and I truly believe that this little angel was sent to us to bring my family joy in a time of great sorrow.  You see, my sweet granny is dying.  She may not even make it to meet my little girl.  She has been battling lung cancer for over three years, and she is in the final stages of her disease.  She is no longer herself; the cancer and the medicine she has to take to try to alleviate some of her pain has seen to that.  She is confused and scared.  All we can do is watch and try to make her comfortable and remember that her true self is already gone.  While one life can never replace another, my daughter has brought our family together.  She has brought joy, peace, and love. She is a reminder of all that is good, when everything seems so bad.  How can that be an accident?

My favorite verse has always been this:

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  -Jeremiah 29:11

... and with such proof as that, how can any life be considered an accident?

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  1. There will always be people with a judgement so hard it hurts. I remember, when my lilttle sister announce to our dad her pregnancy (no, she's not married either, but here in Canada it's the norm cause we don't get married because of all the law of mariage.. but that's another thing..)so, when she announce her little angel, you know what our dad's says?? He just told her she was a crazy girl.. and a fool.
    That day was a disaster.. do i need to say it?!!
    But today he's the nicest granddad, but my sister is still hurts by he's words..
    But she as good life, good job, good boyfriend, nice house and.. oh god!! she's not married.. does it chnge something??? NO
    Most important thing, love and respect. But some folks just DON'T have those two ;)
    ALL kids are little angels and they're in your life for something bigger than one could think..