well, hello there...

Hi, and welcome to my blog... about, well, everything!  Here you will find my craft projects, wedding ideas (we're getting married in June 2012), baby thoughts (we're having a sweet little girl in December 2011), remodeling/renovation efforts (we're also renovating a family home built in the 1920's), and various other random ramblings.  Enjoy!


  1. Hey there! Happy to know your place on the net!!
    I'm from Canada, sewing addicted, lately into quilting a lot! I do love to refashionned clothe since i'm a teen, use to sell my things dowtown in the locals shops. Just buy a old house (not knowing exactly but at least hundred years old) living in the land of christmas trees!! We're starting our little farm here and our life together! OH, and we're totally not married ;)

  2. I'm also your first follower!

  3. Seems like technikly i'm your second.. ahaha!